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The Judicial War On Men, by Eric L. Nelson, Ph.D.

In the Kavanagh era this book about false accusations and the judicial destruction of innocent male lives is timely.  It takes a hard look at an area of extreme failure by the judiciary: The issuing of family law "domestic violence" restraining orders (DVRO's) against men who have not committed any crime, no acts of violence, no acts of abuse, no stalking, no threatening---nothing.  As the book reveals (using official judicial training materials including videos as the confirming source), family law DVRO can be issued for no cause, or for matters such as a dad intends to seek custody of his children.  Dr. Nelson obtained 1,181 training documents from the Judicial Council of California (3.72 GB), something never done before.  Official data reveals for the same set of facts family law judges favor females (and are biased against males) by up to 620%.  Empirical data from well-done studies shows up to 50% of all rape accusations, and up to 39% of all DV accusations are false.  Many children, men, families and women have been irreparably harmed.  Heavily annotated with more than 700 endnotes, this is the definitive (and only) book on the subject of judicially-assisted domestic violenceLearn more at the book's website:

See inside: Click on the book to read the index, chapter summaries, and sample chapters.

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ATTORNEY DEPOSITION GUIDE For Questioning A Domestic Violence "Expert," by Eric L. Nelson, Ph.D.

This guide is for use by attorneys when questioning a witness named by opposing counsel as their DV expert.  A strategy and deposition questions are provided.  Additionally, a non-transferrable limited license is provided to original purchasing attorneys to use the Empirical Capability Assessment Test, Modified For Attorneys (ECAT-MFA), which is a set of questions to be asked in deposition.  Responses can be scored by Dr. Nelson who will rank the witness as demonstrating adequate empirical skills, demonstrating some empirical skills or demonstrating a lack of empirical skill.  Those with limited or no empirical skills are at high risk for testifying to false and disproven "facts" about DV because they lack the ability to parse well done empirical research from badly done and untrustworthy "science."  The responses of DV "experts" with little to no empirical skills may help support a motion to disqualify.  Additionally, responses will reveal the extent to which an "expert" testifies to empirical facts or to dogma and belief.  A sample report is included.  This is a one of a kind resource.

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Living & Working With Evil People, by Eric L. Nelson, Ph.D.

This isn't a book about normal people who commit evil acts; rather, it is about evil people who commit evil acts.  This non-religious book examines the evil personality type (EPT) from an academic, clinical and practical standpoint.  The six personality traits of the evil personality type are described, including two that have not been presented before.  This book is easy to read because it is written to the everyday person in plain language.  Citations and endnote commentary support the needs of academics.  Readers learn safe practices for interacting with evil people and the only strategies which can stop them from attacking you.  The rules for interacting with an evil person and for getting them to leave you alone are different.  Dr. Nelson has observed evil people for more than three decades.  This book draws together everything academically known about evil people (which isn't much), supplemented with Dr. Nelson's analysis and strategies.  The EPT test helps the reader know if they are dealing with an evil person.  Two chapters provide dozens of survival strategies.  This book may save your life.

See inside: Click on the book to read the first two chapters.

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Recovering From Toxic Masculinity Training: A Workbook For Individual Or Group Use, by Eric L. Nelson, Ph.D.

Many young men have been subjected to toxic psychological re-programming upon arrival at college.  They are not told these treatments have not been tested for safety.  They are experimental and were developed in violation of Federal law pertaining to human experimentation and safety.  No one knows if toxic re-education can cause temporary or permanent suicidal thoughts, depression, fear, social or academic impairment, or increase rates of dropping out of college.  This workbook helps survivors of toxic masculinity training process and recover from it.  Each section contains an exercise that can be completed alone or in a group.  It can also be used by therapists helping men recover from this trauma.  Also included are the Toxic Baloney and Ready Response card decks.  Because this is a workbook with exercises it is only available in print. 

See inside: Click on the workbook to read the first three chapters.



Toxic Feminism, by Eric L. Nelson, Ph.D.

There is hidden, vicious, toxic side to feminism. This book takes you inside for a look. What you will see isn't pretty. Dr. Nelson shows how far feminism has strayed from the original goals of the women's movement, illuminating the feminist war on children, teenagers, young adults, family and particularly men. He does this by quoting ordinary feminists as they talk about their beliefs, goals and activities. This book also reveals the inner structure of feminism. Feminist strategies are examined including their war on empirical science, use of intimidation to control judges, control of police domestic violence investigation training curriculum and more. Dr. Nelson describes 25 points of similarity between American feminism and WWII Nazi socialism. This book is heavily documented with more than 300 end notes and references. It is written in plain language that a wide audience will easily follow. This is a unique book--you won't find this material anywhere else.

See inside: Click on the book to read the first two chapters.

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