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I started Aequalitatem Publishing to help writers of important work get published.  If you wrote something too edgy for the industry, Aequalitatem may be your new publishing home.  I am looking for non-fiction work that fits these criteria:


  • Your work is thoroughly researched and well documented using credible sources. 

  • Your work demonstrates substantial innovative analysis.  It gives a 10,000 foot view and also microscopes in on many important subtopics.  The reader will understand the breadth and depth of the problem from reading your description of it.

  • Your work stands out as the first in a new genre.  If you are writing in an established field your work must show you are carving out a new direction for the field. 

  • Your work solves a practical problem.  It must provide one or more realistic solutions, describing them in sufficient detail so that readers can operationalize them after reading your book.

Please email me a brief summary of your book that addresses the four items listed above.  It should be custom written, not a generic item sent elsewhere.  Sorry, email with attachments or hyperlinks are deleted without being read.  Your message should be in the body of the email.  I will respond within a few days. 

If your work might be a good fit to the Aequalitatem mission I may ask to read it.  I will charge a reading fee.  I have professionally reviewed several thousand forensic reports, dozens of graduate student thesis, and many academic journal submissions (I am a reviewer for 11 peer-reviewed journals).  You will get a "no holds barred" analysis of content, style, shortcomings, and a list of curative recommendations.  I am not a grammatist so you won't get that type of review other than I may recommend you employ an editor to clean up your wording and punctuation.

If after that I believe your work is a fit there won't be any further charges.  My compensation will be a percentage of your royalties.    This is a DIY publishing house.  I will guide you in the development and perfection of your manuscript, teaching you how to do things along the way (e.g., as needed, creating eyeball magnets, styles that force the reader to read all of your content, text formatting, creation of tables and graphics, develop a hard hitting style, clarifying your message, reducing the number of words without loss of content, formatting for Nook & Kindle, etc.)  I will coach you.  You will be doing most of the work. 

Not welcome: Leftist, feminist, socialist or similar works that demean or disrespect the United States, its military, police, veterans or its patriotic institutions.

See the contact page to reach me. 





Eric L. Nelson, Ph.D.

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